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Selectcamp offers camping holidays to various regions in France:

For many years France has been a favourite holiday destination for all ages, families and couples! France offers everything a good camping holiday should! Many customers choose to travel through France by car, stopping along the way or maybe doing a twin centre holiday?  Travelling by car means it is an ideal way to transport luggage, shopping essentials, food and drink or maybe even your pet! Giving you flexability and independance. Also though there are many routes to France from various UK airports - making this destination a great choice for your family holiday. We have 7 of the best campsites for you to choose from. From the Cote D'Azur, to Languedoc / Roussillon to the Ardeche region of France.

Campsites in France are uniquely different

The South of France can be very lively and has a true cosmopolitan feel whereas the Ardeche is much slower and  has relaxed feel with incredible beauty and adventure if required? Whatever your preference is this country has something to offer for everyone-  please click the regional links to view what each of these fantastic regions has to offer.

Combine with a trip to romantic Paris?

If you have decided to go to France for your holiday we recommend you include a visit to the romantic capital of Paris, either on your drive down to one of the Southern resorts or just taking a short stay.  There are so many famous places of interest to visit like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Centre Pompidou, or the Louvre. Those are only a few to mention of the many places to visit in this beautiful city of romance.

Scenery and beaches

You can spend your holiday in France close to beautiful cities such as Bordeaux, Nice or Lyon. However there are also many beautiful villages, mountains, beach resorts and nature reserves to visit throughout the country. Picturesque villages are waiting to be explored so choose France for a camping holiday that you will never forget!

Campsites in France with first class gastronomy

However is well known for its cuisine. We recommend you to visit the local area to experience some of the local specialities and delicacies. Not forgetting to sample the local wine either!!

French campsites should be about relaxing, enjoying fine wines and good food!  

Practical information

Capital City

The capital city of France is Paris.


The official language is French

Time zone

France is 1 hour ahead of the United Kingdom


The official currency is the Euro.


In France you can use your mobile phones, however this might come with a high cost so we advise you to check this before departure with your network provider. Please note: this also applies for your data roaming.


The number for all emergencies in France is 112.

Opening times

In France the stores usually open from Tuesday to Saturday from 09.00 or 10.00-18.30 or 19.30 o’clock. In smaller places the stores are open from 12.00-14.00 o’ clock and closed on Saturday afternoons.  Department stores are opened from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 or 10.00-20.00 o’ clock.
Bakeries close normally around 13.00 o’clock. Some bakery’s close at the end of the afternoon/early evenings and open on Sunday’s early in the morning for a while.

Travelling by car

· The maximum speed limit on the motorways is 130 km/hour (80mph). For drivers who have owned a driving license for less than 2 years, the speed limit is 110 km/hour (70mph).

·  On most French motorways there is toll.

·  In France it is the law to have the following items in your the car:

-  Warning triangle

-  High visibility vest. The driver must wear this in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Please note: If driving through Belgium a fire extinguisher must be in the car. From 1st of July 2012 it is the law to have an alcohol tester in your car (throw away breathalyzer).

National holidays

In France the following national holidays take place on:

•  1st May Labour Day

•  8th May Day of Victory

•  14th July National Day

•  15th August Assumption Day

•  1st November All Saints' Day

•  11th November Armistice

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